Monday, April 20, 2009

Doing Something Right.

I'm absolutely thrilled with all the compliments Paul and I have been receiving lately when it comes to our relationship/marriage. I knew we were doing something right all along but it's just amazing when you hear it, un-prompted from the people around you.

We both lead super busy schedules and we can go several nights without sharing a bed; he's got late night rehearsals and I tend to crash at my parent's house on those nights since my job is much closer to their house than my apartment.

When we do come together, our conversations are lively and our time together is very special. We have many years ahead of us to lead the settled-down-life (namely when we have kidlets). For now, I don't mind that we can easily and healthily live separate as well as together lives without weirdness and jealousy. If you trust your spouse, there's no room for suspicion and clingy-ness. Life is seriously too short for that bull$hit.

Love your life and don't forget what's important!!!! xo.

This is my hippy installment # 2 :)

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