Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Sideswiped car. Broken cell. A phone consultation that never called. Seriously, it's a good thing I'm a positive person. Today has been the most annoying day in a while and it's not even noon.

On a more positive note (speaking of)...

Hubby's in Alabama this week rehearsing for their Birmingham CD release show on Friday. I'll be flying the red eye + a layover late tomorrow to arrive in 'Bama on Thursday morning and will be enjoying my first taste of the Dirty South through the weekend. I'm not sure what to expect but I'm always up for a good adventure! Lots and lots of adventures planned for this year.

I participated in and completed my first 5K last weekend! I mostly walked it with spurts of jogging but I look forward to continued training so I can jog most of the next one. Plus, I made my best time ever for that distance! I also attended my first hockey game that same day (Kings vs. Canucks) and it was awesome! All the action and testosterone and violence. I kinda loved it. ;) I ended up meeting and hanging out with a lot of new people this past weekend and I must say, it is absolutely refreshing to encounter people who are genuinely kind, funny and humble. Besides the friends I already have (who are amazing), it's sometimes easy to forget (especially living where we live) that those types of qualities exist.

What else?

This year is seriously flying by. As I age another year, I'm needing a major reset / re-focus on my ever-looming health goals. It's not just me anymore who is being affected by my lack of consistent focus & dedication. What's it gonna take?