Thursday, May 14, 2009

Weird week.

It's been a weird week. Nothing too horrendous or traumatizing. Just feeling like crap, exhausted and busy. I slept at my parents' house last night and was woken by my sister this morning with, "Britt! Are you going to get up??". Apparently, my cell phone (also my alarm) had shut itself off in the middle of the night and I had less than 2 minutes to throw some clothes on and run out the door. Fun times.

Our trip to Las Vegas last weekend was interesting, fun, tiring and mostly debaucherous. Perhaps this week's annoyance is due to an extended recovery period? Perhaps the following photo will explain everything...


Looking forward to resting this weekend. The rest of this month will be a whirlwind so I'm hoping I can make a final recovery over the next few days and soldier on. :-)