Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Never-Ending Week.

This week has been exhausting. Not enough sleep and quite enough things to do for days straight. On Tuesday, my sis and I drove down to Silverlake to see The Lemonheads play. Remember them? They have some great songs but to our surprise & short-lived dismay, the show was a bit of a disaster. Besides the mid-show power blow-out, Evan Dando was either high as a kite or drunk and the rest of the band (minus the bassist) sounded like sh*t. Oh well. Took a few photos with my Lumix digital and still had a pretty great time.

Last night, Paul and I attended a pre-screening for the new Mike Judge (director of Office Space) movie starring Jason Bateman, Ben Affleck and Mila Kunis. The film was mostly mediocre, interspersed with a few comical moments. Oh well. At least it was free.

Tonight, I am accompanying my sister to see former Bauhaus gothic rock vocalist, Peter Murphy. Interesting. Tomorrow, my friend Sun is hosting her first ever Singstar party. I've been hearing about this "competitive music video game series" for the last year and I'm pretty excited to try it out. Besides, an evening with the girls is always a fabulous time. On Saturday, my sis, Teens and I will take Gina willingly hostage and provide her with the birthday gift of a day of shopping followed by a makeover and some fun photos. Sometimes, it's pretty fabulousto be a girl. :D

So, how've you been?