Thursday, July 9, 2009


I just gave notice to our apartment manager and I think I felt his heart breaking. UGH. We were the 'golden children' of this complex, so much so that he insisted we have as many loud parties as we wanted and if anyone complained, he'd take care of them. He'd make me BLT sandwiches on a whim, let Pauly bash on the drums as loud as he wanted and we'd welcome his doggy into our home as if he was our own. I will miss this apartment nestled in a valley I never truly embraced. It was our first home together and the site of numerous unforgettable and insane moments. But alas, money is calling. Debt is needing to be squashed; a savings needs to accumulate at a much more rapid rate. So, we will vacate our home of the past 3.5 years and open the next chapter.

PS -- Please spread the word on our soon-to-be-vacated and fabulous apartment, available September 1st.

* 1 bedroom, 1 bath
* Large living room
* Full dining room
* Dishwasher included
* Central Air & Heat (recently replaced)
* Water included
* On the quiet side of Burbank Blvd. (balcony faces a suburban-like neighborhood)
* 10 miles from Hollywood