Monday, March 23, 2009

The weekend.

Friday -- The hubby and I went to see "I Love You, Man". Hilarious. Jason Segal is absolutely adorable. The director must be a huge Rush fan 'cause they were referenced and featured all over that movie.

Saturday -- Teens took my sis and I to an Intro to Poll Dancing class. It was fun but I don't think I'd return until I get into much better shape. It's two days later and I'm still ridiculously sore. Good workout, though. Sis and I came home from the class and scrambled to get ready so we could head out to Paladino's (valley biker bar) with the hubby and J to catch a Cheap Trick tribute band. Not so good. They had a female singer who had a decent voice but the band itself was just boring as hell.

The other cover bands were pretty shitty too. Had drinks and laughs (thanks Joel!) and left the place around 1:30am (not before taking an awesome spill in front of the bar 'cause I could barely balance on the platform strappy shoes I decided to sport that evening. Good job, Britty!). Headed over to Sunset Blvd. and had my piercer pull out my lip ring. INSTANT relief. He thinks I was allergic.

Sunday -- Felt like crap. Possibly a reaction to the removal? The ridiculous wind? My body reacting to a two hour work out? Whatever it was, I kept it mellow, passed out and even missed Joel's Xanadu party 'cause I was just totally incapacitated. Good times.

And now for a mindless survey...

Hi, my name is:

Never in my life have I been to:
Abercrombie & Fitch. Pretty gross.

I love to:
stay in nice hotel rooms.

I hate it when:
my cravings get the best of me.

If you're gonna talk smack about me:
I'd rather not know. So you better be smart about it.

The one person who can drive me nuts is:
my man. Hehe.

When I'm nervous:
I rarely show it.

The last song I listened to was:
my husband singing "How Deep Is Your Love" by The Beegees. Heh.

If you were to get married today, your maid of Honor/Best Man would be:
Sharon Robinson & Rick Niedzwiecki.

My hair is:
soft, a bit wavy and in need of some pink.

When I was 5:
I had a head of massive curly hair.

Last Christmas:
we didn't get a chance to visit Cleveland and I missed the snow, family and friends a lot.

I should be:
in bed and passed out but work is too crazy right now.

The happiest recent event was:
our wedding, our honeymoon and lots of little fun moments since then.

My current annoyance is:
feeling like crap & ridiculously sore muscles from last Saturday's 2 hour workout.

I have a hard time understanding:
how you pole dancin' ladies hang upside down by your ankles. Pure insanity!

There's this guy that I know:
who has a bit of superiority complex. Get over yourself.

The thing I want to buy is:
a new bed. Squatting on the floor is fun for a while but I'm kinda over it.

If you visited the place I'm from:
you'd notice a thousand oaks.

Most recent thing I've bought myself:
Coffee. I broke down and had to do it. It's already one of those days.

Most recent thing someone else bought me was:
a Red Bull & Vodka. Thanks sis!

Middle name:

In the morning:
I crave Starbucks. Always.

Last night I was:
passed out with a shitty head/body ache.

If I was an animal I'd be:
a snake. And I'd scare the crap outta myself.

Tomorrow I am:
anticipating Thursday.

Tonight I am:
hanging with my man, running errands and watching our "stories".