Thursday, April 1, 2010

Golden blunders come in pairs.

Hit a bit of a funk last month; 2 weeks worth. It was almost 100% due to my own idiocy and it finally passed, despite the fact that I was convinced I would stay in such a rut for the rest of my crazy years. Thank God I was wrong.

2010 has felt adventurous so far. And extremely fleeting!

I'm STILL not 100% on track with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Gina and I did resume a decent workout schedule last week, however. I'm still trying to find the motivation for the nourishment overhaul. Not sure what it will take. Hypnosis, maybe? (I'm only half kidding).

Life is grand, though. New thoughts and realizations. Lots and lots of adventures.

It'll be Christmas before we know it. :-)