Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Call it what you want (I still call it love)

My sis and I just scored pit tickets for New Kids concert # 7. This one's in Vegas. We've officially lost it. However, I have to say for the record, we are not half as bad as some of the nutty women we've met at recent shows (excluding you, Jasmin!). We spoke with one 'older' chick who has paid for 5 Star Access to numerous NKOTB events ($500+) and booked a Penthouse Suite for their summer cruise. I may love 'em but not enough to ruin my credit. Haha.

They were such an integral and amazing part of my childhood and it's been incredible re-living the memories and creating new ones. They seriously just suck you in and you never want it to end.

"I was hit by a recurring thought as I looked into the eyes of a girl
in the front row. How will I ever explain to each of you what it means
to be able to do what I do for such an audience? It’s such a blessing.
It pushes me to do more. To want more. To be all the things I think I
can be. And I thought of how I ‘get off’ on meeting people that to me
really ‘get it.’ There is a diverse group of people that we attract
and it mirrors the diversity of this group. And when you find those
moments with people when you are on the same page- whether its a look or a comment or a joke or a story- and you really connect… Well, it’s like sex to me. It’s that good. And it turns me on and it makes me want more." - Joe McIntyre

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