Tuesday, March 10, 2009

(Part of) My Life in (some) Photos.

This is a handful of photos I've pulled from my
Photobucket account.

A little peak into my life....

Animal hanging out at the tat shop while Paul fixed up his Animal tattoo.

The hubby washing off his new tat. HOT!

My first and second tattoo.

Jim & Paul at Sharon & Jim's engagement party at Brass Monkey.
Oh lordy.

Oops! Dey fell! New Year's Eve 2007.

Our magical 2004.

Tower of Terror (California Adventures).

Dane Cook and I (January 23, 2007).

Oh silly girls (behind The Cat Club on Sunset).

Don't ask.

Again, don't ask ;-)

My sister and I hanging out on the Winger tour bus.
That's how the Collins sisters roll.

The album cover from one of the records I released.

One of my many birthdays at The Rainbow Bar & Grill.

Self reflection portrait at the BFF's parent's house.
Bobby Boy in the background ;-)

Third Eye Blind at The Canyon Club (May 16, 2007).

My most favorite Betsey Johnson necklace.

We like to Be-Dazzle.

My most favorite meal at one of my most favorite restaurants.
(Linguini with white clam sauce at The Rainbow Bar & Grill)

RIP Daisy.

Just a typical day at Venice Beach.

Butch Walker at The Troubadour. The owner pulled me from the floor and let me stand on the stage to take photos! Too bad I only brought my shitty camera.

Photo shoot with my gorgeous girl, Brillana.

Sharon & Jim, back in the day!!! AWWW!

Live photo shoot of A.i. at The Roxy (September 11, 2007).

Filipino feast for Erin's birthday party.

Good memories. RIP.

My sister and Lemmy from Motorhead at The Rainbow Bar & Grill.

More of my silly photography.

I love trips to Vegas with the fam.


My favorite restaurant and meal in Vegas.

My bosses spoil me (Work birthday dinner in Malibu).

Some of my favorite movies.

View from Monterrey Bay Aquarium.

The room where Mrs. Winchester died (Winchester Mystery House in San Jose). I love the lighting on this one. Super creepy.

Our first tropical drinks at the sea side bar at our honeymoon resort
(Turtle Bay, Oahu)

...and so life continues on.


  1. These are so fantastic. What a wonderful life. xoxo