Thursday, February 12, 2009

How can you walk away from something and then come towards it? Walk around the world.

  • Our first band practice on Tuesday night was fun and very productive! I have a feeling we're gonna create some really great songs and have an amazing time doing it.

  • My girls and I took a mid-week girl time break and we saw Coraline last night. I adored the 3D graphics and the entire evil undertone. The storyline was a bit wonky but it didn't overshadow the most beautiful colors and visuals.

  • There are countless amazing live shows coming up and I'm barely keeping up! We have two more New Kids On The Block concerts in the next two months (both General Admission!!!). Next week, my favorite hardcore band FAR will be playing a reunion show in Santa Barbara. Rumor has it that Poison AND Def Leppard will be touring together this summer. In addition, there seems to be countless local shows popping up that are actually worthy of going to like tonight's Glamnation at The Cat Club. I'll be broke by the year's end. ;-)

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