Thursday, May 28, 2009

A grand adventure is about to begin. -- Winnie the Pooh

I sparked a silly string of comments and conversations on Facebook by posting that I feel nauseous and flu-y. Everyone and their mother now thinks I'm pregnant. Haha. For the record, I'm most likely not. If I was, however, I wouldn't mind although it's about 2 years earlier than planned.

I must be getting close to being ready though because every time I see a pregnant woman or watch one of those sappy Lifetime shows like "A Baby Story", I long and almost ache to be pregnant (Don't tell my husband! Haha. If he knew that my pregnancy bug was itchin' a few years earlier than we planned, he may hit the floor!) ;-)

I know certain aspects of our lives will change once the baby sprouts. One part of me is slightly hesitant about that. Paul and I are used to coming and going as we please, driving into Hollywood or even San Diego on a whim, throwing racous parties for little or no reason. The other part of me knows that I've partied a lifetime's worth in the last 5 years and soon, that lifestyle won't fuel me as much as it did before. Don't get me wrong. I still want my husband to play in bands, I still want to go to concerts (when possible) and experience life in an adventurous manner. But the change will be evident, welcoming and pretty damn awesome.

Plus, I am surrounded (geographically and not) by a handful of amazing mothers and I can't wait to learn from these incredible women. You know who you are. :)


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