Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter weekend.

The weekend sped by completely too fast.

On Friday, the hubby & I went to a late night showing of Adventureland. It was pretty darn mediocre but the movie was free and the new theater in my parent's town is really neat... except for the ODD wall decor:


On Saturday, we headed over to The Rainbow Bar & Grill to hang out with our friend Tenn for her birthday. Great people and good times! I keep forgetting how amazing their pizza is; we had mushroom and olive. Mmmm mmm!

On Sunday, Mom, Dad, sis, hubby and I had an awesome Easter brunch at the Hilton at Universal. Oh my buffet! We were there for almost three hours enjoying the feast and each other's company before Mom had to go to work and hubs and I returned home to watch baseball and pass out. Go Dodgers!

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