Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thoughts of Thursday, February 5th, 2009.

I'm eying the Advil pill on my desk and mustering enough courage to pop it. I have no idea why but I can barely swallow a damn Skittle-sized pill without gagging. It's annoying. This looming headache is even more annoying, however so I better just do it.

The sky is hesitating a bit and the rain is minutes from falling. I've been anticipating this weather for days now. I'm not entirely sure why but I have always been enamored with rain, gloom and especially snow. I have been told a million times how lucky I am to have spent my entire life engulfed in Southern California weather. I don't deny it but there's something so nostalgic and heart-warming about my beloved gloom and cold.

This Sunday is our 3 month wedding anniversary (monthiversary??). Haha. Seriously, has 1/4 of a year passed since that amazing day?

I have to say that I LOVE being married. There are so many stereotypes intertwined with the ideals of marriage and unfortunately, most are negative. No, you don't have to stop playing music once you're married. Yes, you can still hang out with your separate friends. No, you don't have to "settle down". It's all about perspective. Don't let these stereotypes fool you. Married life is absolutely awesome if you've chosen the right partner and are secure enough in yourself to REMAIN yourself.

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